About Me

I fly a lot and I eat a lot. I strive to try all kinds of food unique or extraordinary in a city I am visiting. I will use all sorts of methods to obtain a reservation at a restaurant that is outrageously hard to get. I will also wait in line on the streets for a small bun carefully crafted by a small street vendor.


As a frequent traveler, I like to learn about culture through food. Not only am I a daredevil that enjoys bungee jumping and skydiving, I am also a risk-taker with food. Just to mention a few, I have tried bugs, bats, snakes, and turtles. As long as it is something that people eat in a certain culture, I will try it. Moreover, the first Three Michelin Star restaurant I dined at was Alinea in Chicago, which has since then caused me to have very high expectations when dining at another so-called Three Michelin Star Restaurant


I am one of those annoying people that take pictures of everything I eat. My friends already know that they are not allowed to touch the food until I finish my photos, no matter how hungry they are.


I have been sharing my food adventures with my friends personally through Facebook over the years. Not only do my friends ask me for food recommendations in various countries, but they have also encouraged me to start a food blog. Therefore, I hope to share my experiences with more people that enjoy the life of travel and dining. Come back and see what the eater is munching on next…