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THE GRILL AT MEADOWOOD, Napa Valley – Amazing English Peas Salad for Lunch

The Grill uses the freshest ingredients grown at the Meadowood farm. I recommend The Grill for breakfast and lunch. Most diners here are resort guests, particularly families. The restaurant overlooks the golf course and is very relaxing (unfortunately I do not have photos of the environment). There is also an outdoor seating area. I want to note that I do not like peas, but I actually had the best English pea salad at The Grill.

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THE RESTAURANT AT MEADOWOOD, Napa Valley – Not a Fan of the Healthy Three Michelin Star Tasting Menu

Having tried the only two restaurants in Napa Valley with three Michelin stars, I recommend The French Laundry over The Restaurant at Meadowood (read about The French Laundry here). I have to say The Restaurant has one of the healthiest tasting menus I have eaten. The service is undoubtedly top notch, but I was expecting more exotic or high end ingredients for the price of the tasting menu. On the other hand, The Restaurant does have very innovative dishes and great food photography opportunities. Also, the ingredients are very fresh and of top quality. Most of the ingredients are grown locally at Meadowood’s farm. As a bonus, I was also invited to tour their beautiful kitchen and meet head chef, Christopher Kostow.

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THE FRENCH LAUNDRY, Napa Valley – A Tasting Menu Worth Three Michelin Stars

Despite the difficulty in making reservations, I recommend the French Laundry for its carefully crafted courses and detailed service. The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood (read it here) are the only two restaurants with three Michelin stars ratings, but the French Laundry appealed to my tastes more. Having also dined at Per Se, also by Thomas Keller, I must say that the French Laundry provides a better experience in both food and service.  The three hour dinner (though my friends have experience five hours) is a relaxing experience that is also full of pleasant surprises. Dining in the two story restaurant (which was once used for French steam laundry) provides an intimate feeling along with the impeccable service. The menu changes according to that day’s freshest ingredients. Its daily menu is posted on its official website.

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