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KOJYU 銀座小十, Ginza, Tokyo – Impeccable Three Michelin Starred Kaiseki (with video)

Located in a small building in Ginza, Kojyu delivers the freshest and superb pleasures in both gustatory and visual senses. The intimate main dining room only seats eight guests, but there are additional small private dining rooms available. Guests are seated in a sushi bar style setting where they can observe the chefs. Besides owner and head chef, Toru Okuda, there were a number of other chefs specialized in preparing various dishes. For example, one chef specialized in grilling fresh ayu fish. The first thing I saw when I entered the dining room was a chef spearing live ayu fish and was grilling it to perfection for a good hour. Along with the impeccable service, the eating experience was heightened with the opportunity to watch how much detail and effort was used to create each dish.

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