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SKYLOFTS at MGM’s ROOM SERVICE MENU, Las Vegas – Must Order: Lobster Benedict

Another favorite breakfast of mine in Las Vegas is the Lobster Benedict available only from the Skylofts at MGM Room Service Menu. What better way to start your day with a butler bringing in a full butter-poached lobster on a toasted brioche with lobster hollandaise (if you are not afraid of high cholesterol levels)! It is also surprisingly not ridiculously priced! This is definitely a must order item when staying at Skylofts.

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THE DINING ROOM in The Mansion at MGM, Las Vegas – Exclusive and Delicious Cantonese Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfasts in the world, but at a steep price. My bill at The Dining Room generally averages around $300-$400 USD with tax and tip for two people. The exclusive establishment in Las Vegas provides a calming environment with attentive service and exquisite delicacies. The Boiled Live Geoduck Clam Porridge (生滾鮑魚粥), Daikon Puffs (金脆蘿蔔絲), and Foie Gras & Lobster Dumplings (鵝肝龍蝦餃) are some of my favorite dishes. The porridge/congee and dim sum are cooked so well that I felt like I was eating in a restaurant in Hong Kong. Although I have not tasted from their lunch menu yet, I was told that the rib eye is also very good.

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